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Amazing Annabelle and the Fall Festival

Linda Taylor

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Amazing Annabelle Learns To Trust Her Friends

Annabelle Copeland welcomes being a Youth Committee member for the Fall Festival at Melville School, where she attends the third grade. As she works on her contribution for the arts and crafts booth, she recruits a few friends to assist her. 

One of Annabelle’s friends is Lila, who turns out to be a very reliable source of support after Annabelle injures her ankle in P.E. class. Annabelle, who has never missed a day of school in her life, reluctantly hands over the reins of control to Lila. Annabelle has to trust Lila to do an amazing job, just as she would have done herself. 

Amazing Annabelle and the Fall Festival teaches kids that even though unexpected injuries or setbacks may cause you to sit out of the game for awhile, the show must go on. It’s an important lesson in letting go of control and trusting others to take the lead.

“Annabelle learns that when given the opportunity, people can often surprise you with what they can accomplish.” —Nancy Woodward

Linda Taylor has been teaching students for over 25 years. She enjoys connecting with students on many levels. She also loves writing poetry. Linda lives on Long Island, New York.

Kyle Horne has a B.A. in Visual Communications from S.U.N.Y. Old Westbury College in New York. Kyle has displayed his artwork in many local libraries. He lives on Long Island.

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