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The Fairy Stepmother Inc.

Maggie Hoyt

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


Evelyn Radcliffe isn’t a wicked stepmother. She’s just out of her depth.

While her friends in finishing school learned superior sweeping and threadspinning skills, Evelyn read economics textbooks. While they focused on snagging elite noblemen to marry, Evelyn attended Furnival’s Halle for Sounde Business Procedures.

But instead of running her own consulting firm as she planned, Evelyn finds herself twice widowed with two teenage girls who are much more interested in royal weddings than business or profits.

With money running out and opportunities dwindling, Evelyn reluctantly turns to finding husbands for her girls. Apparently, finding a carriage, a ball gown, and glass slippers are all in a day’s work for a stepmother. And if there’s profit to be made, Evelyn Radcliffe is the woman to find it.



Uprooted, funny, glass slipper, humour, mother, Gregory Maguire, Teen, royal wedding, mother daughter, Fairy Tale, Toad Words and Other Stories, Fairy Godmother, The Invisible Library, princess, Disney, Egg and Spoon, Cinderella, Naomi Novik, widow, wedding, royal ball, Genevieve Cogman, Fantasy, prince, Stepmother, T. Kingfisher