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Out of the Mouths of Children

Chloe Winslow

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


How would you respond if your peaceful, productive life was shattered overnight by evil, shocking disclosures?

Author Chloe Winslow’s novel, Out of the Mouths of Children, tells the story of a pastor and his family who, along with their flock of new Christians, were living peacefully in a small coastal community. Everyone’s lives were abruptly changed as, one by one, their children exposed evil that would affect the entire community. How could this have happened right under their noses without them even knowing? Now the pastor and his wife had to cope with very disturbed children, devastated parents, and the many professionals who came to help. Would God see them through even this?”

Out of the Mouths of Children is an example of victory through Christ as families face police, counselors, and lawyers in their quest for justice and healing.

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Case, Victory in Christ, Justice, Persecution, Sexual abuse, Shock, Disclosures, Children