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The Girl from Gliese 581D

P S Morningstar

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


LUNA is a very young non-classified resident of Gliese 581 d, in the Andromeda Galaxy. She knows through the Outpost history that her family as well as other volunteers left Earth on this spectacular voyage. The settling of this small Outpost, over the last century, has grown and prospered. Yet, all the answers that Luna seeks, are consistently found in the Data Archives Center. The most important of which is “the Mission Statement.” This document conveys everything relevant to their past, present, and future existence. LUNA shares sixteen of her adventures with us, how she overcomes adversity, and invites others to join her. We are all pulled into this incredible experience as she willingly questions and addresses the colony, in addition to the reader. The designing Commission, before her, shared the stars and a new universe for others to follow. LUNA has the wisdom and ingenuousness to understand where she is. She will grow, share and go further with each adventure focused on the Mission Statement as her guiding light.

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Influential, Passion, Respect, Stimulating, Luna, Morality, Ethics