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A Concept of Life

James B. Harrison Jr.

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This book features a concept for walking the road of life, a background into the origin of life, a perspective on the function of energy, and an insight into the energy of life. John is just a character through which to convey the concept of how to control ones existences while walking the road of life. He represents the six billion carbon life-forms on the third rock in this small galaxy that is the envelope of living materials of atoms and matter. These are presented in the form of Homo sapiens, the dominant species among the billions of species that reside on this rock. This provides an explanation on the special energy that fuels the brain and provides it life-giving abilities. It is an insight into the scientific knowledge and intelligence that is needed to understand the existence of life as it started and progressed. This offers some alternatives to the age-old beliefs that have dominated the social circles of existing, and it gives a method to control the hectic life into which the species has evolved. John lives in a world that just keeps increasing in the speed of existence necessary to survive. He is an example of the ability to change the route that has existed so long that it probably has become the norm instead of the exception. John is an example of the Homo sapien from the time of reproduction until the road of life is terminated and its lifes energy is transferred to be recycled for another generation.

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