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A Walk in the Wind

Stories for Boys and Girls

Danielle Michaud Aubrey

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


The story-telling is in the style of classics like the Adventures of Peter RabbitThe Wind in the Willows or Winnie the Pooh in which animal characters have normal yet imaginative adventures, providing a vehicle for learning about community, compassion and collaboration. The elements used to craft the stories are:

  • normal, every-day activities into which is woven a challenge or a difficult situation.
  • talking animal characters engaged with human characters, involved in adventures.
  • lessons relating to teamwork, safety, helping others and kindness.

Danielle has a BA in Sociology (Carleton University), a BA in Psychology and Women's Studies (University of Ottawa), and an MA in Conflict Studies (St. Paul University). She worked most of her career in the Federal Public Service. As a mother and grandmother, and having run a home daycare for many years, she knows children’s behaviour and feelings very well.

 "These stories are a legacy to my grandchildren. I will not always be around to guide them as they grow older, so in a way, they provide the advice that I would have given them throughout their lives.” — Danielle Michaud Aubrey

The series is called A Walk in the Wind: Stories for Boys and Girls for ages 6 - 10.

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animal characters, family, short stories, imagination, children