Competitive Branding Strategies

Managing Performance in Emerging Markets


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Globalization has expanded the options for building brand strategies through social media, the internet, and in conventional approaches. Amidst increasing market competition, companies need to analyze their competitive choices to determine their brand equity in the marketplace. As such, it is necessary for companies to develop customer-focused brands to gain competitive advantage.

This book enhances knowledge on developing competitive brands in emerging markets, particularly the BRICS countries. It provides the necessary guidance with proven strategies for building successful brands, the decisions and options faced by brand managers, and the tools to manage brands effectively. It develops new dimensions on brand management strategies by analyzing best practices based on proven strategies. Readers will not only gain insight into international brand competition, but also into the organizational support necessary to build and manage a powerful brand. It is a necessary read for all MBA students and scholars in marketing, especially those who seek to gain new insight in the rapidly changing global marketplace.

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Brand management, value creation, Performance measurement, product differentiation, global value chains, Decision matrix, emerging markets, Market competition, marketing-mix, brand governance, Consumer behavior, Market uncertainty and risk, distribution channels, marketing channels