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Seeds of Wrath

Egypt between revolt and reality

Matthias Rathmer

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The Egyptians are disillusioned, disappointed, fatigued and silent. Caught between power and powerlessness. Their ‘revolution’ has failed. Once again they’re enjoying being governed. By an elite clique, of all things. It was precisely because of dictatorship, social injustice, abuse of office and corruption that they had protested so vehemently in the first place. The country is smeared with traces of blood. The people are living out the dual between demons. Wrath divides society again. Millions stick their heads in the desert sand. Even more have wearily withdrawn with their religion into private life. The consequences will be disastrous. In the long-term it means this country will not turn into a democratic state, that’s for sure. Matthias Rathmer has lived in the land on the Nile for a number of years. His short stories and essays uncover the spirit of the nation, the amiability of its people, their daily lives, so oddball, gaudy and impossible. Above all, the Egyptians themselves. In all their pride, their dignity and that innate passion of theirs: wrath.

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Muslim Brotherhood, Wrath, revolution, Morsi, Egypt, terrorism, Sisi