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Molecular Insights into Development in Humans

Studies in Normal Development and Birth Defects

Moyra Smith

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The aim and scope of this book is to review current information on human development and processes of differentiation that have benefited from breakthrough analyses in stem cell biology, elucidation of genome and gene architecture and aspects of regulation of gene expression, analysis of signaling systems and transcription factor actions.Insights into actions of specific genes and their roles in development have been gathered through studies in patients with specific birth defects, including congenital malformations, metabolic defects and functional impairments.The book is organized into three sections, the first dealing with aspects of genomics, gene structure and regulation, analysis of signaling and function of specific organelles. The second section deals with molecular aspects of development of specific organs and structures such as, bone, face, brain, heart, liver, pancreas, kidney. The last section deals with specific malformations and tumors that provide insight into regulation of growth. Environmental factors that impact growth and development are also covered. Request Inspection Copy Contents:Genomes, Genes, Structure and FunctionEpigeneticsSignaling SystemsPluripotency to DifferentiationDevelopment and Growth AbnormalitiesMetabolism and OrganellesBrain DevelopmentCranio–Facial Development and DefectsMolecular Aspects of Heart DevelopmentVasculogenesis Malformations and HematopoiesisAbdominal Wall and Gastro-Intestinal TractLung and Diaphragm DevelopmentLiver and Pancreas DevelopmentBone and Extra-Cellular MatrixKidney and Urinary Tract Development, Malformations in Human GenesSex Determination Differentiation and Endocrine GlandsReadership: Graduate students, physicians, geneticists, genetic counsellors and researchers in development biology.Key Features:The concepts of receptor theory and hierarchical levels of pharmacological analysis are integrated and emphasised throughout the bookStep-by-step instructions are given for the different types of pharmacological analyses

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