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Tales from the Tables

Devon Borkowski, Bevanny Stearman, Carien Jordaan, et al.

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What is the most anticipated parting favor at a wedding? Tulle-wrapped candied almonds? Engraved keychains? Pictures with the lucky couple? No. Gossip and drama. And this anthology is overflowing with both. Whether you like your wedding stories filled with loving reunions, playful references to cake stealing, or trained assassins aiming at the groom, the contributing authors bring you enough drama to keep you gossiping until next wedding season. Romance is in the air, and we're not totally focused on the wedding couple as we share tales from the tables. Come be our guest and have a front row seat to the escapades inspired by weddings and the shenanigans that follow. So, fill out your RSVPs and invite (or get stood up) by your Plus One, and get ready for eight wedding dates. Petunias and Parenting at a Wedding by Carien JordaanRocketship Derivative by Penny MylesStealing Cake by Kelly FauthTil Death Do Us Part by Jay MendellComplimentary Breakfast by Mimi FrancisCould be Worse by Rebecca GraceMine to Make by Devon BorkowskiSet Alight by Bevanny Stearman

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