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Music Shall Untune the Sky

Lou Kemp

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


A magician, a widower from the Sudan, and an automat travel the world.
It’s 1865 and three close friends; the immortal magician Celwyn, the automat Professor Xiau Kang, and Bartholomew, a scientist and widower from Sudan, set out on another adventure as they travel to Singapore to fetch the professor’s wife. Prepare to explore a world reminiscent of our own yet filled with magic and steampunk!
Their private, magically enhanced train, the Elizabeth, is carrying them through the countryside when they witness the purposeful crash of a hot air balloon next to them. Jules Verne emerges from it and joins their party. As they continue east, the danger following the author shadows their train, and the murders begin. When they arrive in Singapore, Captain Nemo uses a unique method to trick Professor Kang into climbing aboard the Nautilus.
Music Shall Untune the Sky is a steampunk fantasy filled with murder, magic, and adventure.

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Steampunk Fiction, Historical Fantasy, Alternate History, Sea stories, Immortal, magician, Ship, Adventure, Sailing, quest, allies, revenge, misfits, danger, rescue, fantasy, redemption, exploration, second chances, action, Sudan, automat, travel, Singapore, train, hot air balloon, Jules Verne, Murders