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Traditions and Celebrations Throughout the Year

Sheila Kovach

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All families have traditions and celebrations. There are no rules about how your family should celebrate holidays or special events throughout the year. Families are for making memories and for sharing stories and history. Each family is different and yet so very special. Yours is different than mine.

Our inner circle is the family we choose. Whether it is your church family, your work family, your neighborhood family, your interest group family, or the family of friends with whom you share common bonds. We make families throughout our lives.

This collection of thirty-eight short stories is about every kind of family, sharing moments throughout the year. Special days, special times, and special circumstances for special people like your family, all families, all year long.

Enjoy spending time with family.


Fans of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and A Prairie Home Companion will enjoy Sheila Kovach's homespun stories about holidays and special events highlighting the importance of family, friends, community, and faith. These heartwarming tales set in Kovach's beloved home state of Wyoming resonate with regional and familial pride, and lessons that will stay with readers long after they close the pages.

--Mary Vensel White, author of Starling, Bellflower, and The Qualities of Wood

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