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Don't Mind Me

Brian Coughlan

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


The short stories in Brian Coughlan’s Don’t Mind Me dig deep into what it means to live in an increasingly connected, but isolated modern world that demands far more than we can possibly hope to provide.

A couple with financial problems encounter an over-bearing madam in her hell-hole bed & breakfast; an aged wastrel must travel across the country to the aid of his ailing guardian angel; a hurrying man falls inexplicably and is forced to confront the fragility of his body and the choices that were made for him. What begins as tragedy trips into farce, the realistic somehow turns mystical, and viewed through a prism of irony these delightfully off kilter stories offer surprising, often skewed and witfully unsettling impressions. Don’t Mind Me is a collection that follows no rules and leaves no tracks.

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imagination, isolation, death, melancholy, absurdity, Humor, exuberant