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Modern Literary Theory and Ancient Texts

An Introduction

Thomas Schmitz

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft


This book provides students and scholars of classical literaturewith a practical guide to modern literary theory and criticism.Using a clear and concise approach, it navigates readers throughvarious theoretical approaches, including Russian Formalism,structuralism, deconstruction, gender studies, and New Historicism. * Applies theoretical approaches to examples from ancientliterature * Extensive bibliographies and index make it a valuable resourcefor scholars in the field


(Journal of the Classical Association of Canada,Winter 2009)
"A major aspect of this book is Schmitz's refreshing modesty andcandour."
(Greece and Rome, Vol55 No. 2 2008)
"...a clear and engaging introduction to some of themost important areas of modern literary theorizing. What setsthis apart from a simple introduction, however, is the way that thegeneral theoretical position outlined in each chapter is keyed intothe context of modern classical studies...a useful book and onethat can be strongly recommended to undergraduates and evenintrepid sixth-formers..."
(Bryn Mawr ClassicalReview)
"Brief description of theoretical approaches ...[in]frank manner of discourse ... Schmitz tries to help studentsunderstand the concepts he explains."
(Journal of Classics Teaching)
"As a reference guide, a bibliographical resource and anengaging read, this book should prove an asset to many."
-Stephen Harrison, University of Oxford
"Schmitz is clearly an intelligent reader and advocate oftheory. It is a solid piece of work which will, I hope, serve as astarting point for acquainting many classicists with the questionsand challenges theory has to offer. The field as a whole will onlybenefit from Schmitz's contribution." (New EnglandClassical Journal)"Thomas Schmitz's book provides a clear, lively andintelligent guide through most major areas of modern literarytheory and their application to the study of classical literature.It neatly identifies key theoretical texts and thinkers, andprovides telling examples which lend colour and life to theimpressive range of concepts discussed. He is refreshingly honestabout his own prejudices and difficulties, while remainingeven-handed and balanced in discussion; his presentation of theproblems and objections faced by each theory is especially helpful.This excellent book has something to offer for every seriouscontemporary student of classical literature."



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