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Dyslexia in Context

Research, Policy and Practice

Angela Fawcett, Gavin Reid

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sonderpädagogik


This book highlights the most recent developments in the area ofresearch, policy and practice. All the authors are well known inthe field of dyslexia and they will offer significant contributionsat the forthcoming BDA conference ' Dyslexia: the dividends fromresearch to policy and practice' to be held at Warwick Universityin March 2004. In addition to the opening chapter, which provides an overviewof developments in dyslexia, there are also chapters on theresearch associated with neurological factors, the cerebellum,genetics and the links between research and practice. The policy section provides insights into policy developmentsfrom Europe, the UK and the United States, as well as policdevelopments relating to both children and adults. The practicesection is comprehensive with chapters on multilingualism, therange of specific learning difficulties, ICT, mathematics, theimplications for the classroom from the science of learning and thefeatures of dyslexia friendly schools.


(Dyslexia, July 2006)
" ... essentialreading for parents, teachers, policy makers and researchers."
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