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Internship Mastery

The Technology Student's Guide to Crushing Your Internship and Launching Your Career

Ryan D. Glick

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Worried you won’t stand out during your internship? Learn the tricks to landing and hitting the perfect internship out of the park to jumpstart your career.

Are you a tech major struggling to figure out your next move after college? Do résumés and interviews make you sweat? Fearful that choosing the wrong company for your internship might compromise your future? In over ten years working with small business and Fortune 500 companies, IT leader Ryan D. Glick has interviewed hundreds of candidates, and hired and mentored the best. Now he’s sharing the key insider tips and tricks so you can profit from selecting an internship position that leads to the job of your dreams.

Internship Mastery: The Technology Student’s Guide to Crushing Your Internship and Launching Your Career is a step-by-step guide designed to help you score the ideal pre-job experience and knock your prospective employer’s socks off. With practical examples, proven techniques, and rookie mistakes to avoid, you’ll learn the tools, know-how, and confidence you need to navigate the often-misunderstood interview process and stand out from the crowd. Complete with a companion workbook, Glick’s well-organized approach will help you leverage your temporary gig into a sought-after role.

In Internship Mastery, you’ll discover:

  • The four questions you must ask before applying to reveal the best roles
  • How to bypass human resource managers to get your application in the decision-maker’s hands
  • Why unpaid internships might be your secret weapon into a high-paying, long-term employment
  • Seven ways to build your personal brand to be head-and-shoulders above your competition
  • How to survive the fifteen trickiest interview questions, power-résumé tips, and much, much more!

You'll also gain insider access to the following valuable online resources:

  • A companion workbook that will take you step-by-step through each chapter of Internship Mastery
  • Soft skills practice interview questions that will prepare you for each interview
  • Thirteen specific questions you must ask your interviewers
  • A detailed 12-week internship daily journal that will make your internship much more meaningful and valuable
  • Important exit interview questions you should ask before your internship is complete

Internship Mastery is a comprehensive resource to help you secure your ideal internship. If you like straight-to-the-point advice, insider insights, and easy-to-follow systems, then you’ll love Ryan D. Glick’s power-packed manual.

Buy Internship Mastery to kick-start your advantage today!

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