The Sixth Sense

Napoleon Hill’s Ultimate Step to Success

Mitch Horowitz

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Napoleon Hill called the thirteenth and final step of Think and Grow Rich, “The Sixth Sense,” adding: “This principle is the apex of the philosophy.”

Time has validated the success master’s insight.

In The Sixth Sense,Mitch Horowitz, one of today’s most literate voices of self-help, explores the practical uses of this culminating step in Hill’s philosophy, including how:

  • Your brain is a “receiving station” sensitive to influences all around you.
  • ESP, telepathy, and precognition are facts demonstrated by replicable and recent lab data. “Mental telepathy is a reality,” Hill wrote, with emphasis in the original. He was right.
  • Due to your receptivity to extra-physical impressions, you must carefully cultivate environment, relationships, and colleagues.
  • Your psyche functions like any physical organ—it is subject to fatigue, exhaustion, and overuse, just as it performs better under conditions of health, vitality, and adequate rest.
  • You must beware of factors that cloud your mind’s functions, such as intoxication, boredom, poor physical habits, and negative emotions.
  • Enthusiasm is a vital property in accessing imagination, intuition, and insight.
  • By using all the lessons in Think and Grow Rich, it is possible to cultivate a sixth sense through which hunches and flashes of insight reach you.
  • Pay attention to enthusiasms and forebodings. This may be the sixth sense communicating.
  • You can trust intuitions and insights when they follow dedicated study and effort. These are not fickle or errant notions but possibly the subconscious and sixth sense breaking through.
  • Precognition and retrocausality—the subject of recent academic studies and meta-analyses—demonstrate that future actions can improve current performance.
  • An imaginary council, as described in Hill’s final step, can augment—but not replace—the Master Mind principle.
  • We experience daily moments that are “prime time” for intuition, autosuggestion, and ESP-related activity. Learn how to cultivate them.



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