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The Birth of Anna

Edwin J McBride

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


On any normal day, the events of this day would be unimaginable…

Expecting parents, Michael and Michelle Armstrong, look forward to the birth of their first child, Anna, yet Michael finds himself captive to a crazed ICE addict, leaving Michelle to suffer an unexpected difficult delivery…

Braxton City is immersed in fear as a calculating killer abducts, rapes, tortures then kill’s young women without remorse and leaves nothing but battered corpses around the city; only to raise more questions than uncover needed answers for the police. Detective Paul Anderson, burdened by the case, learns of a female victim who has escaped the very serial killer they hunt…only what she knows will put her in grave danger and thrust the city into absolute shock if the truth she holds is revealed… A complex and utterly enthralling thriller that asks a burning question…

What will happen to Anna the day she is born?

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