Baby, You're Remarkable

The no-BS guide to business with a new family

Lorraine Murphy

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As one of Australia's leading entrepreneurs, Lorraine Murphy has always been a motivated businesswoman - goal oriented, dynamic and, above all, organised. Now with Baby, You're Remarkable! she's here to prove you can be just as career driven when you're a new parent. This is not a one-size-fits-all step-by-step guide - after all, every business, every child, every parent and every family is different. Instead, this book is a refreshingly unfiltered, totally honest and judgement-free account of Lorraine's personal (and not always perfect!) journey in running a business and having a baby. Including experiences and insights from a variety of other parents, and coupled with plenty of useful checklists, reading lists and suggested downloads, Lorraine's story will show you it is possible to have it all, and will inspire you to maintain your REMARKABLE career while growing a REMARKABLE family.

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