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Securing Salesforce Digital Experiences

Matt Meyers

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It was just like any other day...until it wasn't. I got out of bed, stumbled into the kitchen, powered on my MacBook, and there it was. An email that read "URGENT- Potential PII data leak in Salesforce found by hacker." My heart immediately sank. I thought to myself, Can this be real? What happened? How bad is it? This is one of those things that you only read about, but it doesn't actually happen to you... until it does.

Join me on my journey on one of the worst days of my life when my customer's Salesforce Digital Experience got hacked. I'll take you through my day, starting with how it happened and the steps we followed to triage and secure the breach. Along the way, we will look at some of the real costs of a data breach and what Salesforce has done to better secure customers' data in Digital Experiences.

In the end, you will understand the key things you need to know so that this doesn't happen to you. You'll also learn how to use the Salesforce Well-Architected framework and principles to secure your Salesforce program in the real world.

Plus, I've thrown in some bonus material, providing you with the top Salesforce security best practices and a video showing you exactly how to ethically hack your own Salesforce Digital Experience so you can know if you are at risk.

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Security best practices, Secure Customer Information, Data leak, PII (Personally Identifiable Information), Data breach, Risk assessment, Cybersecurity, Incident response, Triaging, Digital Experiences, Ethical hacking, Hacker, Cyber threats