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Ambush Valley

Dusty Richards

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Spur Award–winning author: “Dusty takes readers into the real west at full gallop.” —New York Times bestselling author Jodi Thomas
Ride into an unforgettable tale of valiant courage and bloody conflict from the Western Heritage and Spur award-winning author Dusty Richards . . .
They’ve crossed the line . . .
Chet Byrnes has his hands full taking care of his family and running his ranching operation in Arizona Territory. But he still takes his responsibilities as a deputy US marshal very seriously. Bandits have been crossing the border, cutting a bloody swath of mayhem—stealing horses, robbing banks, and murdering innocent folk—then high-tailing it back to safety in Mexico.
 . . . for the last time.
The chief US marshal asks Chet to lead a secret task force to stop the raids and round up the border bandits—dead or alive. But the bandits fight back—putting a five-hundred-dollar bounty on Chet’s head. Now he’s got bushwhackers to deal with, and when he’s led into an ambush, it’s kill or be killed in a life-or-death showdown . . .
“Dusty Richards writes . . . with the flavor of the real West.” —Elmer Kelton

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