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Arizona Territory

Dusty Richards

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Spur Award–winning author: Chet Byrnes brought the spirit of Texas into Arizona Territory—and the guns to back it up . . .
Have gun, will battle . . .
Chet Byrnes has built a ranching empire from the ground up. And he’s defended it with sweat, blood, and a ragtag band of ranch-hand fighters. Now a beautiful young Spanish widow comes into Chet’s life, just as he starts off in search of a lost cattle drive. The search leads into the eye of a sprawling, violent storm.
Chet and his men—and his seductive new woman—end up on a wild ride through Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas, where authorities want to confiscate the beeves for trespassing. With Indians, outlaws, and an oppressive government crossing their path, Chet is on a cowboy’s honeymoon: fighting and shooting all the way back home.
“Dusty Richards writes . . . with the flavor of the real West.” —Elmer Kelton
“Dusty takes readers into the real west at full gallop.” — New York Times-bestselling author Jodi Thomas

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