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How to Get From Smart to Intelligent by Claiming Your Power of Choice

V. Brooks Dunbar

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DIVA DECISIONS: How to Get From Smart to Intelligent by Claiming Your Power of Choice

Are you smart and accomplished but find yourself asking if you have settled for the lesser choice? Do you find yourself questioning if this is good enough for me? Are you seeking answers to why you are hesitant to lead?

DIVA DECISIONS: How to Get from SMART to INTELLIGENT by Claiming Your POWER of CHOICE is written for smart, modern career women and workforce-ready girls of all ages who want confidence and the skills to make more intelligent choices. Using life and leadership coaching methods, tools and resources, you are challenged to think, question and claim your broader intellect and understanding that goes beyond knowing-it-all to start the process towards achieving-it-all.

After reading this book, you will have

    • Resources to design the Lifespace you desire
    • Tools to map and actualize your own success
    • Greater awareness to create safe and empowering relationships
    • A Power Mindset to effectively lead yourself and others
    • Confidence to make more intelligent decisions

DIVA DECISIONS is important to read now to help close the distance to achieving gender equity. You have in your hand the tools and resources to recognize and reframe powerful choices that affect your ability to live, lead, and succeed. DIVA DECISIONS aims to get you to intelligent.

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