Digital Health Transformation with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence

Chinmay Chakraborty (Hrsg.)

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Wirtschaft


The book Digital Health Transformation with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence covers the global digital revolution in the field of healthcare sector. The population has been overcoming the COVID-19 period; therefore, we need to establish intelligent digital healthcare systems using various emerging technologies like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Medical Things is the technological revolution that has included the element of "e;smartness"e; in the healthcare industry and also identifying, monitoring, and informing service providers about the patient's clinical information with faster delivery of care services. This book highlights the important issues i.e. (a) How Internet of things can be integrated with the healthcare ecosystem for better diagnostics, monitoring, and treatment of the patients, (b) Artificial Intelligence for predictive and preventive healthcare systems, (c) Blockchain for managing healthcare data to provide transparency, security, and distributed storage, and (d) Effective remote diagnostics and telemedicine approach for developing smart care. The book encompasses chapters belong to the blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, and Big health data technologies.Features:Blockchain and internet of things in healthcare systemsSecure Digital Health Data Management in Internet of Things Public Perception towards AI-Driven Healthcare Security, privacy issues and challenges in adoption of smart digital healthcareBig data analytics and Internet of things in the pandemic era Clinical challenges for digital health revolutionArtificial intelligence for advanced healthcare Future Trajectory of Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence 9Parkinson disease pre-diagnosis using smart technologiesEmerging technologies to combat the COVID-19 Machine Learning and Internet of Things in Digital Health TransformationEffective Remote Healthcare and Telemedicine Approaches Legal implication of blockchain technology in public healthThis Book on "e;Digital Health Transformation with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence"e; aims at promoting and facilitating exchanges of research knowledge and findings across different disciplines on the design and investigation of secured healthcare data analytics. It can also be used as a textbook for a Masters course in security and biomedical engineering. This book will also present new methods for the medical data analytics, blockchain technology, and diagnosis of different diseases to improve the quality of life in general, and better integration into digital healthcare.