Reporting for Journalists

Chris Frost

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Reporting for Journalists explains the key skills needed by the twenty-first century news reporter. From the process of finding a story and tracing sources, to interviewing contacts, gathering information and filing the finished report, it is an essential handbook for students of journalism and a useful guide for working professionals. Reporting for Journalists explores the role of the reporter in the world of modern journalism and emphasises the importance of learning to report across all media - radio, television, online, newspapers and periodicals. Using case studies, and examples of print, online and broadcast news stories, the second edition of Reporting for Journalists includes:information on using wikis, blogs, social networks and online mapsfinding a story and how to develop ideasresearching the story and building the contacts book including crowd sourcing and using chat roomsinteractivity with readers and viewers and user generated contentmaking best use of computer aided reporting (CAR), news groups and search enginescovering courts, councils and press conferencesreporting using video, audio and textpreparing reports for broadcasting or publication consideration of ethical practice, and cultural expectations and problemsan annotated guide to further reading, a glossary of key terms and a list of journalism websites and organisations.