Guide to Movie Based Video Games, 2001 Onwards

Carton Christopher Carton

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Play Along with the Film!When gaming moved from the 16-bit era and into the exciting realm of 3D gameplay, Hollywood properties continued their journey into the interactive medium. Popular home and handheld consoles played host to ambitious titles that sought to bridge the gap between movies and video games, providing fans with scenarios that both replicated and went beyond their favorite stories.Gathered in this book are some of the biggest video games that originated from movies; some being direct adaptations and others that expanded existing universes. With 20 chapters covering over 450 games - including every Lego movie video game and franchises such as Star Wars, Aliens, Disney, Pixar and The Lord of the Rings - A Guide to Movie Based Video Games: 2001-2023 gives readers a chance to revisit and discover the ups and downs of licensed titles across two action-packed decades.Load up the reels, press start, and immerse yourself in timeless adventures!

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