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A History of the Language and its Speakers

Geoffrey Horrocks

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Greek: A History of the Language and its Speakers, SecondEdition reveals the trajectory of the Greek language from theMycenaean period of the second millennium BC to the current day. * Offers a complete linguistic treatment of thehistory of the Greek language * Updated second edition features increased coverage ofthe ancient evidence, as well as the roots and development ofdiglossia * Includes maps that clearly illustrate the distributionof ancient dialects and the geographical spread of Greek in theearly Middle Ages


(Choice, 1 February 2011)
"Highly recommended. Lower-division undergraduates throughfaculty; general readers."
(Bryn MawrClassical Review, 9 May 2011)
" of Horrocks' greatest achievements is the skill withwhich he demonstrates the special value of the history of Greek,thinking about the Greek language in terms of breadth and depththat are unusual among linguists working on Greek."
Joshua T. Katz, Princeton University
"The only proper history of Greek from the earliestevidence up to the present day, Horrocks's book is a majorachievement and fills a large scholarly and pedagogicalgap."
Brian D. Joseph, The Ohio State University
"Horrocks has outdone himself. The 1st edition was as good anoverview of the entire history of Greek as there is, yet this 2ndedition improves on that, with added material on all periods ofGreek. This important work is well-written, informative, andinteresting."
Horrocks offers an exemplary, and unique, survey of thedevelopment of the Greek language from its Mycenaean beginnings tothe present day, with a particular emphasis on the reasons forGreek's linguistic conservatism. Widely read and much praisedin its first edition, this expanded and revised second edition isto be recommended even more highly to all those interested in Greekof any period. Elizabeth Jeffreys, University of Oxford



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