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The Handbook of Language and Speech Disorders

Nicole Müller

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft


The Handbook of Speech and LanguageDisorders presents a comprehensive survey of the latestresearch in communication disorders. Contributions from leadingexperts explore current issues, landmark studies, and the maintopics in the field, and include relevant information on analyticalmethods and assessment. A series of foundational chapters covers avariety of important general principles irrespective of specificdisorders. These chapters focus on such topics as classification,diversity considerations, intelligibility, the impact of geneticsyndromes, and principles of assessment and intervention. Otherchapters cover a wide range of language, speech, andcognitive/intellectual disorders.


--Bruce Murdoch, the University of Queensland
"Organized in four sections, this handbook providesdetailed reviews of many common speech and language disorders. Thelast three sections cover familiar topics - languagedisorders, speech disorders, cognitive/intellectual disorders.However, the introductory section, 'Foundations', isunique in that it addresses issues that are universal to any typeof disorder and its treatment, such as labeling, diversity,genetics, assessment, additional impairments, and more ...Recommended." CHOICE (February 2011)"Unique in its comprehensive coverage of language and speechdisorders of various aetiologies, a 'must have'resource for students, clinicians and researchers inspeech-language pathology and related professions."
--Audrey Holland, University of Arizona
"Damico, Müller and Ball have successfully responded to achallenge unanswered since the last revision of Travis'(1971) handbook. They have compiled a work that comprehensivelydocuments how the study of language and speech disorders haschanged since then."
--Fiona Gibbon, University College Cork, Ireland
"If you've been looking for an accessible reference texton language and speech disorders, written by respected experts,then your search stops here."
--Raymond Kent, University of Wisconsin, Madison
"This handbook is a worthy successor to the classicpublication edited by Lee Edward Travis. The editors have recruitedcapable authors to meet the challenge of assembling a text that iscontemporary and comprehensive in its coverage of thefield."



Sprachwissenschaften, Speech Science, Sprechwissenschaft, Linguistik, Linguistics