Into the Dark Forest

Liz Flanagan

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


With war threatening her city, Rowan and her mother must flee to the Dark Forest. There she meets a grandfather she didn’t know existed, and his white wolf, Arto. Rowan is homesick, but soon she makes new friends—including a trio of powerful witches. When Rowan rescues a baby dragon from poachers, she discovers the secret of her own identity. She is a wildsmith, just like her grandfather, a person who cares for and can speak to magical animals.

As summer flies by, Rowan learns to love her life in the forest, as more dragons and other animals need her help. But the poachers are relentless and will do anything to capture the clutch of dragons Rowan is fostering. Can Rowan, her grandfather, and their friends protect the dragons—and the forest?

Rowan learns to embrace her life as a wildsmith, and her adventures continue in City of Secrets, The Hidden Sea, and Magical Mountain Rescue, as she explores other regions of the kingdom and meets new mythical creatures.

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young fantasy, witches, fantasy, animal conservation, friendship, family, young middle grade, magical powers, dragons, nature conservation