The Pie Reports

Hayley Lowe

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Kinder- und Jugendbücher / Kinderbücher bis 11 Jahre


A love of pie brings a young girl and her grandfather together through good times and bad in this moving story about connection and compassion.

Noor and Granddad love pie. Lemon meringue, blueberry crisp, chocolate cream...they have a pie for every occasion and spend a wonderful summer together trying each one. When vacation ends, Noor must say goodbye and fly home. But despite an ocean of distance between them, and Granddad's declining health, the pair continue to connect through their shared passion for pastry by meeting for video chats. These weekly pie reports let them chat about what's new and, of course, discuss and eat pie!

Then one day, Granddad doesn't log in. He's experiencing more blue days and doesn't feel like talking. Noor decides to write down her pie reports, holding space for Granddad until he feels ready.

This gentle story celebrates the special bond between a child and her grandparent and shows the lengths we can go to connect to our loved ones through distance and illness.

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