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The Art of Living for A Technological Age

Ashley John Moyse (Hrsg.)

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Sachbuch / Philosophie: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke


The Art of Living for A Technological Age sketches the crisis of our late modern age, where persons are enamored by the promises of progress and disciplined to form by the power of technology--the ontology of our age. Yet, it also offers a response, attending to those performative activities, educative and transformative social practices that might allow us to live humanly and bear witness to human being (becoming) for a technological age. As such, it is an exemplary example of the goals and outcomes of the Dispatches series, the individual volumes of which draw on diverse theological resources in order to offer urgent responses to contemporary crises. Authors in the series introduce succinct and provocative arguments intended to provoke dialogue and exchange of ideas, while setting in relief the implications of theology for political and moral life.