Positive Provocation

25 Questions to Elevate Your Coaching Practice

Robert Biswas-Diener

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Take your coaching to the next level with this series of 25 fresh and provocative questions for reflection that challenge the conventional wisdom in the coaching profession.

Positive Provocations offers a unique approach to the method of reflective practice using three distinct techniques-provocation, experimentation, and implementation-to accelerate coach development. This book challenges readers to question the foundational architecture of coaching, promoting seismic improvements.

Biswas asks a series of 25 provocative questions-are ethics boring? What's so great about interrupting? What if we used less empathy?-aimed at engaging coaches in reflections about their own practice. Each chapter will introduce coaches to a fresh set of concepts, the research behind them, and practical ways to apply them in real world scenarios.

It is the responsibility of all experienced coaches to continuously improve the quality of their skills and services. Positive Provocations introduces a method for great coaches to become masterful coaches.

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