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The New Teacher’s Guide to OFSTED

The 2019 Education Inspection Framework

Jonathan Glazzard, Samuel Stones

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What does the new OFSTED framework mean for me as a teacher?  How will it change what happens in schools and classrooms?

This new text guides you as new or trainee teachers through all you need to know about the 2019 OFSTED inspection.  It helps you understand and reflect on the context of the new framework, as a professional.  It dispels many of the myths that you might hear in schools and provides much needed clarity and detail.

The book:

·       Explores the context of the publication of the new framework and what this might mean for schools and teachers

·       Demonstrates how the framework links to what happens in classroom and to school level priorities from SLT

·       Includes examples of outstanding practice to learn from

·       Features a mythbusting section to understand the facts about OFSTED

·       Helps you understand, prepare for and approach OFSTED inspections with confidence.

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