Beyond Sustainability Reporting

The Pathway to Corporate Social Responsibility

Gerald Trites

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How to Convert Sustainability Disclosure into Action

New standards such as those of the International Sustainability Standards Board and new regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission are challenging companies to increase and improve their disclosure on what they are doing to support sustainability for their Environmental, Social and Governance activities.

Companies are responding by changing their controls and procedures to include sustainability processes. But is this enough? For companies that truly want to help with sustainability issues, the answer is no>/b>.

What is needed is the more action-oriented approach laid out in this book, which:

  • Enables modifying the corporate strategic plans to include real sustainability actions.
  • Makes use of the skills developed in providing sustainability disclosures, such as integrated thinking.
  • Includes proper adoption of recognized standards for control procedures recognized by regulatory authorities.
  • Adapts traditional management change tools, such as SWOT and the Porter Five Forces Model to include sustainability.
  • Shows how to move the company from sustainability disclosure to integrated thinking to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Beyond Sustainability Reporting: Integrated Thinking and Corporate Social Responsibility is a must-read for any company wanting to make a strong contribution to sustainability issues, for educators who wish to teach sustainability issues and how to manage them, and for anyone interested in knowing how companies can develop a strong and successful action-oriented program for sustainability.

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