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The Amazon Management System

The Ultimate Digital Business Engine That Creates Extraordinary Value for Both Customers and Shareholders

Ram Charan, Julia Yang

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Amazon’s trillion-dollar success is the envy of everyone, but achievable by anyone.

What has propelled their record streak of growth? Their management system, and it can do the same for you no matter what business you are in or what level.

Learning it is as simple as six building blocks distilled by New York Times bestselling author and global CEO advisor Ram Charan and Julia Yang in The Amazon Management System.


The Ultimate Digital Engine that Powered Amazon’s Unprecedented Growth and Shareholder Value Creation:

Building Block 1: Customer-Obsessed Business Model

Building Block 2: Continuous Bar-Raising Talent Pool

Building Block 3: AI-Powered Data & Metrics System

Building Block 4: Ground-Breaking Invention Machine

Building Block 5: High-Velocity & High-Quality Decision-Making

Building Block 6: A forever Day 1 culture.

From their high-velocity decision-making to their top talent hiring practices, the insider secrets behind Amazon’s success are now within anyone’s grasp, block by block.

Whether you are an established CEO or a recent college grad, this concise and actionable book will help your business win in a new digital era that demands nonstop innovation.



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