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Collaborating Successfully

Phillip Selleh

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Excel in both individual work and group settings!

Many opportunities to add value, gain recognition, and achieve exciting tasks may only be available through establishing mutually beneficial workplace relationships. To maximize accomplishments and impact, employees must successfully collaborate with other professionals. This book is designed to build upon your existing proficiency skills and enable you to obtain your ideal job role. This book contains in-depth lessons on how to communicate effectively in meetings, work in a team setting to achieve a common goal, network with professional contacts, implement strategic thinking in your career pursuits, and build and deliver business presentations. Inside you will also find helpful examples, tips, and techniques for practically applying this information to developing your own professional career.

Author Phillip Selleh has led organizations on both a national and an international scale by providing management to companies including AT&T, Inc., META Group, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Ontempo eServices. He also founded About Giving, Inc., a 501(c)(3) Public Charity which provides professional career development training, educational opportunities, and high-quality resources to severely disabled Veterans in need of aid.

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