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The Unaccountability Machine

Why Big Systems Make Terrible Decisions - and How The World Lost its Mind

Dan Davies

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'Entertaining, insightful ... compelling' Financial Times

'Clear and compelling ... it will make you look at the world differently' Stephen Bush

When we avoid taking a decision, what happens to it? In The Unaccountability Machine, Dan Davies examines why markets, institutions and even governments systematically generate outcomes that everyone involved claims not to want. He casts new light on the writing of Stafford Beer, a legendary economist who argued in the 1950s that we should regard organisations as artificial intelligences, capable of taking decisions that are distinct from the intentions of their members.

Management cybernetics was Beer's science of applying self-regulation in organisational settings, but it was largely ignored - with the result being the political and economic crises that that we see today. With his signature blend of cynicism and journalistic rigour, Davies looks at what's gone wrong, and what might have been, had the world listened to Stafford Beer when it had the chance.


A vivid, historical account of scams and the con artists behind them. Beyond the individual stories, Davies makes a deep and important point about market societies ... This delightful book is as instructive as it is entertaining
t, in the twenty-first century. It will make you look at the world differently
A clear and compelling account of how decision-making works, or rather doesn'
s always the fault of the system not the people, how this lack of accountability has come about - and even what to do about it
Everybody wonders why nobody is ever to blame for a crisis. Diving into cybernetics, economics and management, Dan Davies explains why it'

Funny, fascinating and compelling - this is a book to make you chuckle, to make you angry, and above all to make you think
s management cybernetics ... with <i>The Unaccountability Machine</i>, he provides an elegant new introduction to this intriguing road-not-taken in postwar social science, and makes a compelling case that in the age of AI its time has finally come
Entertaining, insightful ... Dan Davies makes a compelling case for the use of Stafford beer'

Highly entertaining, historically fascinating but also intellectually rigorous
The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think
Really worthwhile. Dan Davies' concept of accountability sinks is a great example of what Edwin Schlossberg meant when he noted that "
s far far weirder than that. I have come away a wiser man
An extraordinary book ... we all blame 'The System' for numerous woes, but what is The System? Dan Davies' immensely readable book tells us how there actually isn't one - it'

Not just a glorious tour of a neglected piece of intellectual history, though it is that, in passing. Really, a demonstration with unexpected tools that the world since the 1970s, far from being governed by steely economic rationality, has actually been in the grip of an ideologised greed that has systematically undermined our ability to manage and organise
t had this much fun and learned this much reading a finance book since The Money Game
I haven'

Drawing on the work of economist Stafford Beer, Davies explores why big systems often make flawed decisions or duck out of them altogether - and the damaging consequences that can follow.

If you want to learn to fend fraud, read this
s insight. Read Lying for Money and you will look at fraud in a whole new way. Actually, you will look at every market transaction you take part in in a whole new way</p>
<p><b>Praise for </b><b><i>Lying for Money: </i></b><br>Dan Davies tells all these stories with verve and wit ... Much of the book is a romp through the crimes of scoundrels - Ponzi, Madoff, Keating, the Krays ... Yet what takes it from absorbing to excellent is the author'
s automatically the smartest person in any conversation that he joins
Davies is one of these people who'

It is always rewarding to learn how things work, and <i>The Unaccountability Machine</i> lucidly shows the inner workings of corporate life and its systematic

An engaging and indispensable guide for novice fraudsters - and for those who want to keep out of their clutches

<p>Fascinating, gripping - and true ... This is a terrific read</p>



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