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Learning and Not Learning in the Heritage Language Classroom

Engaging Mexican-Origin Students

Kimberly Adilia Helmer

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft


Learning and Not Learning in the Heritage Language Classroom, a critical ethnography, describes the first year of a teacher-founded charter high school and presents a case-study of compulsory Spanish heritage language instruction with two Spanish-language teachers, one English dominant and the other Spanish dominant. The study follows the same cohort of Mexican-origin students to their humanities-English class, bringing into focus what works and what does not with this group of learners. Unlike many Spanish heritage language studies, the students in this book did not choose to take part in Spanish class and thus provide unusually raw feedback on their teachers and classes. The engagement and resistance of these students suggests pedagogical directions for engaging Spanish heritage language learners. The book will be of interest to scholars, administrators, students and teachers involved in the delivery and assessment of heritage language classes.

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Spanish as a heritage language, Charter Schools, classroom engagement, Ethnographic research, Engaging Latinx learners, student engagement, High school teaching, Language maintenance and acquisition, spanish heritage language, Place-based Pedagogy, Language pedagogy