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Last Minute College Financing Guide

Ragins Marianne

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Have you been accepted to college but don’t know how you will finance your dream?

Are you worried that it will all fall apart, and you’ll lose your place?

Don’t panic! This book can save the day.

It’s an exciting time when you are applying for college entrance and looking forward to the future. But there are also worries that accompany it, like how to pay for all those years of study once you’ve received the acceptance letter.

With the Last Minute College Financing Guide, you have a resource that can solve your problems and ease your mind, with advice on:

  • Where to start searching for college financing
  • What to do when the financial aid is insufficient
  • Appealing financial aid awards
  • Getting additional financing once you’ve started college
  • Finding special programs to reduce tuition bills and student loan balances
  • Effective crowdfunding and lots more . . .

Don’t lose heart or sight of your dreams just because it may seem too expensive to study. With this simple guide you will find that there are a lot more ways to finance yourself through college, many you may never have considered before.

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