Business Information Systems

10th International Conference, BIS 2007, Poznan, Poland, April 25-27, 2007, Proceedings

Witold Abramowicz (Hrsg.)

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BIS 2007 was the tenth in a series of international conferences on business information systems. The conference took place in Poznan, where it started in 1997. From the very beginning it has been recognized by professionals as a forum for the exchange and dissemination of topical research in the development, implementation, application and improvement of computer systems for business processes. The theme of this jubilee conference was "e;Semantic Integration of Data and Processes across Enterprises and Societies."e; The material collected in this volume covers research trends as well as current achievements and cutting-edge developments in the area of modern business information systems. A set of 51 papers were selected for the presentation during the main event and grouped around conference topics: Business Process Management, Web Services, Ontologies, Information Retrieval, System Design, Agents and Mobile Applications, Decision Support, Social Issues, Specific MIS Issues. The Program Committee consisted of almost 100 members that carefully evaluated all the submitted papers. This year their work was significantly harder as the number of submissions doubled compared to BIS 2006. As in previous years, they were supported by an online transparent review system. Once again we observed an increase in the quality of the reviews, thus sustaining the fairness of the final acceptance decisions. It not only raised the quality of the conference, but also positively affected the work of authors.

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