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Digital Workplace Strategy & Design

A step-by-step guide to an empowering employee experience

Oscar Berg, Henrik Gustafsson

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Why do most digital work environments slow employees down? Many organizations have lost control of the digital workplace to uncoordinated organic growth. If you're looking for tools to get back in the driver's seat and maximize value creation, then Digital Workplace Strategy & Design is just what the doctor ordered. With its ready-to-use templates and real-world examples, you will be primed to master the digital workplace and unlock the enormous potential of a holistic, iterative, and user-centered approach based on design thinking. The time and money your organization will save and the hassle your employees will be spared are just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine how much value your employees will create when they are empowered to work smarter together. Your step-by-step guide to - Identifying key problems and digital opportunities. - Adopting a new and smarter approach to the digital workplace. - Maximizing value creation with the help of service orientation. - Crafting a powerful digital workplace strategy rooted in hands-on experience and proven methodology. - Learning how to design winning digital services with actionable tools. What sets this book apart What distinguishes this book from others on digitalization, digital transformation, and the digital workplace is how extensively it is used in practice. This is because authors Oscar Berg and Henrik Gustafsson draw from a wealth of hands-on experience and apply these same steps in multinational companies from a variety of industries. Join the community Grab this book today and join a growing community of digital workplace and digitalization changemakers.

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