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Lifting Productivity in Singapore's Retail and Food Services Sectors

The Role of Technology, Manpower and Marketing

Mun Heng Toh

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-->Measuring productivity is often considered a difficult task for industries in the services sectors. This book offers a solution in the form of the 8M approach — Management, Manpower, Method, Money, Market, Make, Material and Message. This 8M framework is used to analyze the many facets of productivity and make pertinent solutions and suggestions to lift productivity in enterprises, especially those in the retail and food services sectors.This book consists of 10 chapters. Each chapter is an in-depth study of a specific measure, be it a technological system, a manpower strategy or a marketing program to improve the performance and productivity of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the retail and food services sectors in Singapore.Technology-driven solutions are the highlight of this book. Every study presented involves field work in terms of surveys, interviews or focus group discussions with stakeholders. The findings of the studies lead to policy recommendations and suggestions for improving the productivity performance of SMEs in the retail and food services sectors. -->Contents: About the AuthorAcknowledgementsForewordPrefaceIntroductionThe Use of Lean Management Principle and Practices for Productivity Improvement in the Retail and Food Services Sectors of SingaporeUse of Self-service Technology in Supermarkets: Case Study of a Supermarket and Consumer ResponsesSeeking Productivity Improvement with Self Service Technology (SST) in the F&B Sector: Case Study of Six Restaurants and a Consumer SurveyIntegrating the Supply Chain with RFID: A Study on Boosting Productivity in the Retail and F&B SectorsThe Role of Shared Services in Improving Productivity in the Food Services Sector3D Printing as a Means of Improving ProductivityM-commerce as a Strategy to Increase Productivity in Singapore Effectiveness of Cash Management Technologies and Cashless Payments in Retail and Food Services SectorsAdopting Job Redesign Principles to Transform Business Operations and Raise Productivity in the Retail and Food Services SectorsEffectiveness of Loyalty Cards in Improving Business Performance and Productivity: An Appraisal in the Retail and F&B Industry of SingaporeConcluding RemarksReferences --> -->Readership: Policy makers in public sectors; bosses and executives of small and medium enterprises (SMEs), general readers interested in productivity in Singapore. -->Keywords:Productivity;Technology;Manpower;Marketing;RFID; Job Redesign;3D Printing;SingaporeReview:Key Features:Use of the 8 M framework in diagnosing, analysis and provision of solution to productivity problemsIn-depth studies supported by surveys and/ or case studies in each of the chapterEach chapter is self-contained, easy to read and jargon-free. Where possible, experience in other countries are included to provide comparison and appreciation of situation in Singapore

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