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Dead Vessel

Amanda Fasciano

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Belletristik/Erzählende Literatur


What are you supposed to do when the spirit of someone alive suddenly appears?
Having died in the line of duty, Detective Cadence Riley has been recruited to help police haunted locations so that the spirits don't give too much away to the living. She and her partner have also helped protect the living from non-human evil spirits. All is going according to procedure until someone alive appears before her.
Cadence has been reunited with her brother--who died ten years before when the majority of coeds in his dorm were slaughtered. Restoration of the old Victorian style dorm has begun as the college is intent on opening the building up once more. The construction does more than disturb the spirits of the dead, however.
The spirit of an old classmate, one not killed in the massacre, appears out of the blue. As Cadence and Snow begin to put the pieces of the puzzle regarding his sudden appearance in place, it becomes clear that more is at stake. This case, for both the living and the dead, is as dangerous as a raging fire. Someone is bound to get burned.

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Amanda Fasciano
Amanda Fasciano
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