Violence at the Intersection

The Interlocking Impact of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class on Risk and Resilience

Toya Z. Like

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Sozialwissenschaften, Recht, Wirtschaft / Sozialwissenschaften allgemein


Violence at the Intersection: The Interlocking Impact of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Class on Risk and Resilience builds upon and expands recent scholarship on the intersectionality of race, ethnicity, gender/gender identity, and class and their multiplicative effects on violent offending and victimization. Specifically, the work examines how these intersections of identity not only affect risks for experiences with violence but also account for the development and expansion of social capital in the form of resilience and human agency among those at risk.The results of the research provide a critical assessment of how embodied identities are commonly used to assess those "e;at risk"e; while largely ignoring that these individuals are simultaneously "e;at resilience."e; This work moves beyond the extant literature by considering the role of resilience in violence among disadvantaged groups. The work also contributes to growing research on identity and its centrality to experiences with violence, and provides an in-depth understanding of varied pathways to human agency and the development of social capital, even among those who are deemed disadvantaged in society.This book will appeal to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers interested in fields including Criminology, Criminal Justice, Women & Gender Studies, Sexuality Studies, Race and Ethnicity Studies, and Violence Studies.

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