Institutional Racism and Restorative Justice

Oppression and Privilege in America

Diane Carpenter Emling

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Invisible, intractable, and deadly- such is the nature of institutional racism. But are there mitigating actions that society could take against it? Diane Carpenter Emling explores this question in Institutional Racism and Restorative Justice: Oppression and Privilege in America. Moving beyond the immediate sources and consequences of prejudice, racism, and inequality to thoroughly assess approaches to restorative justice, Emling details America's complex history of racism, demonstrating how it becomes embedded in society through land ownership, housing, education, health care, employment, public services, and criminal justice. For each of these issues, she suggests actions to restore justice. But societies don't operate institution by institution, and extraordinary changes will be necessary to address systemic racism. Directed at college undergraduate students, Emling's book offers a valueable contribution for teaching courses in African-American studies, sociology, economics, politics, and American history. Written in a comprehensive and accessible style, this book offers a much-needed perspective in the literature on institutional racism. This new edition includes important accounts and analysis of the political and social upheavals following the Georgy Floyd killing and subsequent demonstrations, the cultural battle over Critical Race Theory, and the foregrounding of race in American politics and institutions.

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