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Foundations of Special Education

An Introduction

Michael Farrell

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Geisteswissenschaften, Kunst, Musik / Sonderpädagogik


A unique cross-disciplinary critique of the foundations of SpecialEducation. * Covers legal, conceptual, medical, pharmacological,neuropsychological, social, behavioural, cognitive,psychotherapeutic, psycholinguistic, technological and pedagogicalfoundations * Provides examples of how each foundation provides insights orpractical contributions to special education generally, and tospecific disabilities and disorders in particular * Delivers information across all major types ofdisorder/disability in a single volume, creating a must-havereference for anyone involved in special education training,research or teaching


-Professor Lisa Schoenbrodt, Department of SpeechPathology and Audiology, Loyola College in Maryland, USA
"Michael Farrell has created a text that is of value to students,teachers and other professionals who want a quality, in-depth viewof the legal, social, medical, developmental and behaviouralaspects in special education today. It would be excellent as abackground text or reference text for both undergraduate andgraduate courses in special education and related areas."
-Professor Simo Vehmas, University of Jyvaskyla,Finland
"Michael Farrell has written a learned and useful introductionabout the foundations of Special Education. Importantly, the bookconsiders the social and political factors underpinning specialeducational practices, as well as the variety of individualcharacteristics that must be taken into account in order to provideeffective and fair educational practices."
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