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Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle

How to Manage the People Side of Projects

Doug Russell

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Despite the investment of time and money, companies are struggling to ensure their projects succeed. In his innovative book, author Doug Russell shows readers how the people-centric TACTILE Management ™ system maximizes an organization's current processes by cutting through the technical weeds to emphasize individual skills and the value of collaboration. Using the seven characteristics of high-performance project teams—transparency, accountability, communication, trust, integrity, leadership, and execution—Succeeding in the Project Management Jungle teaches readers how to: take project teams out of their functional silos and transform them into a powerful, integrated force; balance the expectations of customers, management, and project teams with the technical requirements of cost, schedule, and performance; avoid or minimize possible pitfalls; and much more. With countless man-hours clocked and billions of dollars spent every year on project tools, companies can't afford the astonishingly slow success rate of most businesses' endeavors. This phase-by-phase project guide shows readers how to apply invaluable people soft skills in real-life situations to ensure every phase of the project cycle is a success.

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