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Leaving It at the Office, Second Edition

A Guide to Psychotherapist Self-Care

Gary R. VandenBos, John C. Norcross

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Mental health professionals provide better care to their clients when they care for themselves. This acclaimed highly practical guide--now revised and expanded with even more self-care strategies--helps busy psychotherapists balance their personal and professional lives. The book presents 13 research-informed self-care strategies and offers concrete methods for integrating them into daily life. Featuring examples and insights from master therapists, every chapter concludes with a self-care checklist. Infused with a positive message of self-renewal and growth, the book shows clinicians how to leave distress at the office and tend actively to their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.
New to This Edition
*Chapter on mindfulness and self-compassion.
*Increased emphasis on simple, real-time self-care activities.
*New examples from additional master therapists and hundreds of workshop participants.
*Up-to-date research findings on therapist stress and resilience.
*Discussions of competence constellations, building on self-care strengths, moral stress, deliberate practice, presession preparation, journaling, and multiculturalism.



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