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The Assassin

Samantha Harris

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


Rebecca Batista had killed over two hundred people. She was The Bosss favorite because she did her job well and never missed a shot. She got all the top priority cases, even that time when The Boss needed his own partner killed. Nobody crossed The Boss, and Rebecca had no intention to ever make him angry. But she didnt plan on meeting Zack either. Zack is a sweet guy, innocent and cute. Shes surprised by how hard she falls for him, and newfound love sure does change a person. Rebecca is ready to give up her violent past to be a good wife to the man she loves, but The Boss has other ideas. Zack ends up missing, and Rebecca must race against time to save him. As founder of a worldwide undercover terrorist group, The Boss is a very powerful man. Rebecca betrayed him by breaking the assassins golden rule: never let it get personal. She will now fight to the death to get Zack back, facing off against local law enforcement and The Bosss spies. Never get in the way of a woman in love, especially when that woman knows a hundred ways to kill you.

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Faith, Spy, New york, The Boss, Terrorist, Assassin, Conspiracy, Detective, California, Police, Sci-fi technology, Doctor