The Echo of Crows

Phil Rickman

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Belletristik / Krimis, Thriller, Spionage


'Brilliantly eerie' PETER JAMES 'Engrossing and beautifully dark . . . a cracking good read' JO BRAND 'A most original sleuth' THE TIMES Welcome to the River Wye: a place of poetry, historic obsession... and occult murder. Nestled deep in the Black Mountains, the village of Longtown is haunted by the double suicide of a lottery winner and his wife. A rich Londoner, unaware of the town's dark history, buys the dead man's cottage in the hopes of refurbishing it...then begins to fall victim to a host of bad luck. Luckily DS David Vaynor and Merrily Watkins - parish priest, single mum and renowned demon exorcist - are on the case. More praise for Phil Rickman 'Cleverly illuminates the darkest corners of our imagination' John Connolly 'The layers, the characters, the humour, the spookiness - perfect' Elly Griffiths 'First rate crime with demons that go bump in the night' Daily Mail 'No one writes better of the shadow-frontier between the supernatural and the real world' Bernard Cornwell



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